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1 πŸ† 11 45:00 Male Gig Harbor, WA 45° F 5K
Old knees are in pain
2 ⭐️ 4 50:00 Female Richland , WA 5K
Sick this week, but got my run/jog in!
3 πŸ† 24 50:02 Female Fayetteville, NC 5K
4 πŸ† 16 54:06 Male Richland, WA 34° F 10K
5 πŸ† 16 1:18:33 Female Derry, PA 55° F 10K
Amazing weather for February!! Couldn't wait to get out for this run!! I may not be the fastest but I'm getting out there!!

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 Kennewick, WA
πŸ† 16
 Derry, PA
Love to run! Have done 2f ull marathon and 2 half’s, along wit...
⭐️ 2
 Louisville, KY
I am a 4'9" Marine Corps Veteran, and I am stoked about my 20...
πŸ† 11
 Gig Harbor, WA
Wanna be a fit person. Ready to ride more, always up for a wa...
⭐️ 4
 Richland , WA
πŸ† 11
 Gig Harbor, WA
I'm a Dad and a grand Dad
πŸ† 14
 Lakewood, CO
I'm Jared, a Colorado native. I create, shoot and edit. Certif...
⭐️ 4
 Charlotte, NC
I walk half and full marathons.
πŸ† 13
 Orion, IL
I'm a 30 year old mother of 2 young boys who keep me pretty bu...
 Louisville, KY
πŸ† 24
 Fayetteville, NC
πŸ† 16
 Richland, WA
I run for shiny objects. And training for Ultras