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1 ⭐️ 4 32:10 Female Brentwood , CA 5K
Had a blast out with my friend. We waved to cars driving by and shouted out "good morning or happy Valentine's" when we were face to face with people. Received many waves, several honks and a few strange looks.
2 ⭐️ 3 33:42 Male Wilton Manors, FL 76° F 5K
3 ⭐️ 2 38:00 Female Guelph, ON 6° C 5K
Great day for a run! Sunny and 6C. I ran and my 8 year old son rode his bike with me.
4 🏆 16 43:30 Female Sewickley, PA 5K
5 ⭐️ 3 47:30 Female Louisville, KY 5K
Personal best time!
6 🌟 8 50:47 Female North Lawrence, OH 5K
7 🌟 9 54:34 Female sudbury, MA 23° F 5K
Slow walk due to weather conditions - walked outside at two connected malls. Had to deal with sections of un-plowed sidewalks, crazy traffic, crosswalk lights, and wind (blowing snow) in the gray overcast of another impending storm!
8 ⭐️ 3 54:49 Female US 85° F 5K
A nice walk
9 🌟 7 1:07:00 Female London, ON 0° C 10K
Tough run this morning, conditions were misty/rainy at times and the sidewalks were full of puddles and a little slippery in areas but glad I got out and did my run.
10 🏆 16 1:31:36 Female Lisle, IL 42° F 10K
Beautiful, sunny, February day. Fabulous day to do a 10K with my bestie!!
11 🏆 13 1:31:36 Female New Lenox, IL 43° F 10K
12 ⭐️ 2 1:37:00 Female Lowville , NY 24° F 10K
13 🌟 5 1:58:24 Female Janesville, WI 10K

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